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Jaya Jaya Devi (CD)

Jaya Jaya Devi (CD)

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Errol G. Virasawmi Presents:

Jaya, Jaya Devi

Traditional Tamil Songs from the Madrasis of Guyana


    Chinapa Virasawmi

    Chinapa Virasawmi was born on the 1st of February, 1947 on the Corentyne Coast, Guyana. He began performing traditional worship in early childhood. Later, as a youth, Chinapa carried kargam, the Mother Goddess formed as a sacred vessel. He served in this role for seven years with priests, Chinapa Veerana and Thomas of the Albion Front Madrasis Church. In Guyana he spent eleven years as a teacher at Belvedere Primary School, Corentyne and at both Berbice Educational Institute and National High School in New Amsterdam. He is a traditional Madrasi singer and plays the harmonium. He is married to Dorothy and is the father of two sons, Danny and gordon. the family resides in New Jersey.

    Mukain Nagapoollay

    Mukain Nagapoollay was born on the 28th of July, 1936 in Albion, Corentyne Coast, Guyana. At the age of nine years old he became a bearer of kargam and also began dancing in the sacred nargam, playing Krishna in the Mahabharata. In early manhood Mukain started working on the sugar estates. In order to spend more time in the study of traditional music, song, and dance he left the estate employment. He earned his livelihood as an independent fisherman. He is an accomplished traditional singer and drummer. Mukain lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Unfortunately he passed away in 2010.

    Special Thanks to:

    Karna B. Singh- research and copy writer

    Pritha Singh- dance model on front cover

    Hari (Gora) Singh


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    148-42 236th Street 

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    All items are available for sale at the Temple

    148-42 236th Street 

    Rosedale, NY 11422

  • Song Items

    1. Invocation

    2. Guru Vandana

    3. Aeyoh Veedeoh Anda Maganay

    4. Tergu Wai Natay Direyoderen Nan Wandu Kaytu

    5. Epri Enna Tettu Wai Sagadeven

    6. Aaro Tunnay Illay Sakama Devi

    7. Kolu Wil Wandaal Sindamani

    8. Radha Engay Madhawa

    9. Viran Viran Padigal

    10. Ayyayo Nan Enna Saiwen

    11. Vedam Muddi Velangi Jodeyay Adi Mula

    12. Yengum Nerandi Isparee

    13. Dilli Rajan Pettay Devi Pendrani Tirmanum

    14. Malli gai Moolae Washam Porindido

    15. Ena Saiwen Veraianay

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