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New York Mariamman Koil's
Membership Application


The New York Mari-Amman Koil, is a 501 C (3) Non-Profit temple. It is registered under the Internal Revenue Code and is a tax exempt organization. The temple is operating and registered in Queens County, NY since 2002.

Mission and Purpose as published in the bylaws:

Section 193.1 the purpose of which the Corporation is formed shall be:

  • To promote and preserve the ancient Mari-Amman culture and tradition, that is based on teaching from the Sri Mari-Amman Thalattu as well as other sacred Tamil and Vedic texts.

  • To strive for spiritual enrichment and human excellence through assimilation of the values set forth by Tamil Hindus and sacred scriptures into daily our lives.

  • To recognize and respect other religions and belief systems in their proper context.

  • To provide information regarding our cultural heritage to our community and the public.

  • To preserve our Tamil cultural heritage by the involvement of our youth by offering classes in traditional music, dances, songs and the Tamil language.


Membership Benefits:

  • Voting members are entitled to all Voting rights during membership meetings.

  • Full usage of Temple's facilities for your personal pooja's at no charge.

  • Members can participate during Temple’s Tirunalu celebrations.

  • Members can attend all cultural classes offered by the Temple at no charge.

  • Become part of a reputable Tamil Organization that upholds ancient traditional Tamil rites and encourages unwavering devotion to Mariamman and her Kaval Deivams in the Guyanese Tamil community.

Annual Membership $300

Thanks for your membership!

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